- PHILIPS Clearvue Ultrasound.

- State of the art technology.

- Modern technology with experienced and competent radiologists, providing ultrasound services.

- Timing can also be booked by contacting the reception via phone, viber or in person.

-Obstetrics scans, like  Dating scan, Anomaly Scan (पेट भित्र को बच्चाको अवस्था तथा शारीरिक अपांगता हेर्ने).

-Ultrasound abdomen and pelvis ( पेट भित्रका अँगहरूका समस्या, पत्थरी, एपेन्डिक्साईटिस आदि).

- Thyroid scan, Breast Scan, Uterine abnormalities (थाइराइड, पाठेघर तथा स्तन मा गाठागुठी तथा अन्य समस्त समस्याहरू).

- Ultrasound of soft tissues and joints (जोर्नीका समस्या). 

- Color Doppler.

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